The "Real Life" TV Tropes Page (Part 2 of 26) With Alex Ptak


January 4th, 2022

1 hr 11 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

It's been a few months since Alex Ptak and I started our 26 part series on the "Real Life" TV Tropes page, a TV Tropes page that applies tropes to real life for some reason. And this was a very special episode because not only is it the first one of 2022 but I also recorded it while recovering from the hottest COVID variant, the big O, baby!

We also do a deep dive into a TV tropes forum thread about Jeffrey Epstein that yields nothing interesting, say the words "badass" a lot, have a discourse on a different b word, and recount the random tropes that defined 2021! I ended up editing out less than I was initially going to because I trust you all so don't blow it, ok?